How important is it to feel appreciated? Do you appreciate who you are, what you have and who you have in your life and what they do? Do you appreciate the kindness and generousity of others? Do take people for granted? Have you been taken for granted by someone?

I ask because many people do not appreciate what they have, who they have or what others do for them. Or may appreciate but not acknowledge what others do or what they have. Others may just ignore or dismiss what others give or do for them yet cry, grieve or chase the very person or thing they didn’t appreciate once they lose it. Then there are others who talk down and minimize what others did because it wasn’t big enough or what they expected; they wanted some bigger or a more expensive item or fhey believe the giver could have given them more.

Why do they do that? Jealousy? Insecurity or hate or self destruction? Lack of courtesy? Poor social skills? Why can’t some just have the decency to show appreciation? The irony is that such people cannot even do a fraction of what they do not appreciate to others?

On the flip side, people who do good appreciate every “small” thing others do or give to them.

It is not a good habit to ignore the sacrifices others make for you. When people do something or show you kindness, learn to reciprocate and at the very least, appreciate it. I always say people who don’t appreciate the “little” you do or give won’t appreciate the big other. They are just unappreciative. Inability to appreciate has more to do with the recipient or the act or goodness than the gift or the donor. Not cool or courteous at all.

One of the most hurtful things is to sacrifice or give someone your all and they minimize or talk down on your efforts or gift. It demoralizes the donor and can be annoying and disappointing. Lack of appreciation can discourage some from continuing to do good to others. It also devalues the altruism and the donor. You as the recipient may need the act of kindness, service or material good than the giver and you may lose that. Your lack of appreciation may also deny others of someone’s kindness or generousity.

We need to appreciate what others give us or do for us. Do not pretend you don’t need it. Don’t ignore, dismiss or talk down what other people do or give you. Do not be a parasite or moocher all the time. Appreciate and give back also. You may not be able to return the favour in the same manner or value but reciprocate in other ways.

Appreciation motivates the doer and donor to do more. Appreciating what someone did makes them person their efforts were worthwhile. It give the doer gratification. Express your gratitude always, learn to say thank you and do not assume the person know you appreciate what they did. Express it the same way you would when you need help or support. Appreciate the small and the big, and whatever someone does. It is a common courtesy also.

Love yourself and your loved ones. Appreciate what you have and get. Be kind to yourself and others.

Best wishes.

Akosua Gyimah
Ontario, Canada

January 02, 2019