A brand new year is in the horizon. Most people are excited, happy and looking forward to better things. That the coming year would be better than the past and present but is it always?

Many of us on many occasions felt that way but we have also witnessed some new years being worse than the previous and had hoped we hadn’t experienced the new. Our excitement, hopes and goals shattered.

And yes some new years are better than the previous . It is also a great idea and actually productive and mentally healthy to look forward to something positive in the future. It is a good idea to set goals particularly for new years because we always aspire to be better, improve our living conditions, advance our careers goals, correct our mistakes and forget about the negative experiences we had in the current or previous years. We just want something better and often hope those would be achieved in the new year.

But do things always go the way we wanted them? Would all of us have positive experiences in the new year? NO! In fact, some new years bring the worst human experiences for some if not many.

So why do we get excited? We do we automatically assume the the new will be all positive? How do we know that? Why do we even think that lineal?

As mentioned, I used to behave like that too. But not anymore! Because I have grown, learned, observed, experienced and watched people suffer in some new years. Therefore, I see end of years as time markers, not a big deal but another ordinary day. A continuation of so many other days alike with lots of unknowns and uncertainties.

What would the new year be? What is going to happen. Who will the new year be upsetting? I hope no one would ever have any negative experience. But I hope, just hope because I know it is not possible to have it all good.

In fact, I get anxious on new year’s eve because I see too many uncertainties and hoping no one I know would be the victim of the universe’ wrath.

I am not suggesting anyone should be pessimistic. I am only being realistic and circumspect here. I know all too well that some new years are worse than others so I cautiously hope that everyone or at least the people I know will go through unharmed. That everyone can escape the centre of gravity.

As the new year is approaching my advice is be circumspect. Keep your hopes in check and be calm. Hope for the best but also be prepared for the “what ifs” in life so you can minimize the impact of the shocks of the universe just in case… Get your affairs in order. Protect yourself, plan your life and ensure you can withstand anything that happens good or bad.

Be realistic and know that each year has a mixture of good and bad. Organize yourself and safe out there. Hope, pray and plan for every situation including the worst.

Wishing you all health, joy, peace and love.

Best wishes for the new year, 2020.


Akosua G
Ontario, Canada
December 30, 2019