Two days ago, I wrote about the fact that Ghanaians like to destroy the reputation of others, can’t be trusted and must be feared.
While some people appreciated and affirmed what I had said, some tried to deny that fact whilst others misunderstood me and assumed I was being “emotional” or perhaps misjudging.

Yesterday, the release of a video involving a Minister of State and his private life confirmed some of the specific scenarios I had outlined to support my assertions. The story involved an unauthorized release of private information about an individual with the soul purpose of destroying or humiliating the gentleman. In my piece on January 10/20, I had advised my followers and readers to be very cautious about individuals they associate with or deal with as Ghanaians have a habit of blackmailing others irrespective of the nature and extent of their relationships.

Upon noticing the events of yesterday, where the Minister appeared to have been totally betrayed by his apparent girlfriend or someone who appeared to be in a consensual relationship with him, I wrote another piece discussing the dangers and wronfullness of blackmailing and a need for people to protect their private information and personhood.

Again, most people appreciated and gave positive feedback but one particular guy didn’t like my take because I guess he wanted me to crucify the Minister although my article wasn’t necessarily about that story. Based on the nature of his attacks and his unwarranted accusations, I presumed this attacker is a member or sympathizer of the Ghana’s National Democratic Congress (NDC). He sounded very unhappy with me because in his mind, am “paid” by Ghana’s New Patriotic Party (NPP) “to defend the government on social media”. He claims he has watched my posts and I am often “defending the government in power”. Totally false!

I thought this was the most baseless and one of paranoid persons I have ever come across. I have been attacked by other NDCs in similar manner in grotesque ways. NPPs rather explain or defend their stances, although I have some more decent NDCs also.

1. My article was not even about the story concerning the Minister and his detracting, blackmailing girlfriend although I made a quick reference that it was the immediate trigger for yesterday’s piece.

2. I stand for social justice, fairness, human rights and the dignity of all. This is clearly evidenced on my profile and professionally that’s what I stand for.

3. I am aware of the importance of protecting privacy and dangers of losing one’s privacy. I have personal and professional obligation to guard the privacy of others.

4. I am aware that authorized release, disclosure and sharing of someone’s else personal health and other information is wrong and breaches the human right code here in Canada and in many places, and can attract civil or criminal charges depending on the nature and extent. It against Ghana’s laws despite their weak law enforcement.

5. I am the kind that don’t support ill intended and diabolical conducts.

6. It is against my own moral code to willfully and intentionally engage in the destruction of others.

7. I do not engage in politics of destruction or personal attacks.

8. I do not talk about things unless I have first hand information or other objective substantiating facts.

This guy ought to have known by taking a closer look at my profile, reading my pieces. The funny thing is he is not even a regular reader or commenter on my posts. Neither does he know me well.

I have also expressed my dissatisfaction about the conducts I do not approve of. Most Ghanaians, I have observed hardly support someone, appreciates the good in others but rather:

1. Cannot tolerate someone who appears to be more intelligent, wealthier, more beautiful or even liked by others.

2. They cannot appreciate what others do or any qualities they possess.

3. Do not care for others in need or have compassion for others in need or in trouble.

4. Enjoy or tend to jubilate over the missteps of others.

5. Like to hammer on the mistakes of others.

6. Tend to attack, oppress, suppress and assail the character of those they disagree with with respect to social, political or religious views.

7. Make baseless accusations without any substantive evidence and make it appear like facts.

8. Rejoice, live off and bathe in the destruction of others.

9. Most, especially the NDCs, do not seem to understand diversity of ideas or views. They presume they are right and intimidate others into taking their sides. They attack you for not speaking the way they want you to speak. For example, if they wanted to hate someone and one doesn’t join in, it is tantamount to attack. They accuse others for not seeing something in a negative fashion the way they do.

Personally, I neither approve of negativity, negative energy, nasty individuals who are interested to talking down on others or destroying others. I am not interested in partisan politics or making baseless unssuporting accusations. People have to learn to grow up. They should not assume that people on social media are kids to be directed or bullied. Most people are here voluntarily and pay their own bills and are equally capable of formulating their own thoughts and opinions.

Destroying others is of no use to me. We should be aware that everyone is entitled to his/her views based on how they perceive things. People also have freedom to be employed or join any group they choose. No one’s right prevails over others. Destroying others gives Ghana and Ghanaians a very bad image and must stop.

I choose not to be a part of that. I respect and all kinds of people with different views but I would not tolerate or allow any particular individual or group to bully or shut anyone on here down. I will not be intimated by any trolls either. I own my conscience and can choose however I perceive or analyze anything. If you think otherwise, go and write your own. If you don’t like what I write don’t read or be on my page.

Akosua G
Ontario, Canada
January 13, 2020