Many Ghanaians can’t tolerate diverse views. They only want to read or hear from people they agree with. That is quite naive, narrow and misguided.

We enrich our intellectual scope by listening to people we agree and disagree with.

We learn tolerance by interacting with people of all backgrounds.

We learn good debates by engaging with people of diverse backgrounds.

We learn to resolve issues by building consensus with our opponents.

How do people even think others should think and act like them when they are different individuals, live and schooled in different places, have different values, priorities, read different books, watch different programs.

It’s absolutely naive to assume your version of the “truth” is the only truth. How can millions of people in a country be expected to think the same.

Ghanaians get, upset, angry, rude and even combative if you disagree with them. For many Ghanaians, it’s their way or the highway. That’s very childish.

This is why we have different names, faiths, political affiliations. The recognition of diversity is affirmed through a wide recognition of:

Freedom of conscience
Freedom of thought
Freedom of opinion
Freedom of association
Freedom of religion and creed

In major international and national instruments.

The recognition of multiparty democracy is a testament to this fact and reality.

People should grow up before they participate in discussions in public fora. We can never think or see things the same way.

Ability to recognize and respect diversity is a sign of mental and intellectual maturity and vice versa.

Yesterday, I removed someone from my page for his rudeness, immaturity, his failure to adhere to my rules, basic social media and group etiquette.

I will not permit abusive attitudes or acts towards me and any of my followers.

Akosua G
Ontario, Canada
August 05, 2019