According to Wikipedia, jealousy refers to “thoughts or feelings of insecurity, fear, and concern over relative lack of possessions”. Jealousy may be exhibited in the form of anger, resentment, inadequacy, helplessness or disgust”.

Why do people get jealous? What kinds of people get jealous? The definition says it all. People get jealous because they think someone is outshining them. They are jealous of people they believe have something they don’t have? They talk down on the very qualities they feel jealous of. They wished they had what others had and they resent when others get praised. It is indeed a feeling of insecurity and low self-esteem.

They can’t do what someone else does so they minimize, backbite, blackmail, badmouth or gossip about the person they are jealous of.

Jealous people are nasty and resentful. They are dangerous too. They are sad because someone excelled, was praised or accomplished something. They can’t have it so they feel jealous and don’t want to acknowledge the other person’s accomplishments.

What do you do with such people? Can they be cured? Are they to be trusted as “friends”? In families? Are you jealous of anyone? Or is someone jealous of you? How do you feel about that?

I have experienced that. And I don’t like such people. They are mean. They attack or sabotage you without any cause. I just ignore such people as immature and miserable souls.

It is quite sad and unfortunate that people feel so negatively and unhappy about the accomplishments of others. Can anyone be someone else? Can we take someone’s shine away to give to another person? Why and how? What if the accomplished person worked for that?

Let’s learn to look within us to fish out our strengths, capabilities, capacities, talents and abilities. Sabotaging others will not do you any good and doesn’t make you have what they have.

Have the common decency to acknowledge or praise someone for their accomplishments and qualities.

Be content with who you are. Be kind and know your worth.

Best wishes for the new year.

Akosua G
Ontario, Canada
December 31, 2019