Am I the only person who has noticed that most Ghanaian politicians are humble and behave like public servants when seeking to be elected or in opposition? How come they become arrogant and rude to the people after elections and are in power?

Have you also noticed they seem to be on the side of the people when in opposition? How come? How come they act as if the people/voters are not their coequal when they have won elections and are in a position of power?

What changes after an election? What’s different after they have been given power? I don’t understand. Aren’t they supposed to continue the same behaviour of public service and humility when in a position of power to effect changes in the peoples lives?

Do they pretend when seeking votes? Are they fake? Are they fooling or manipulating the people? Are they deceptive? So what should the people do? How should they see these pretend pre-election niceties and public involvement? How should the people also strategize? How could they protect themselves from being duped? Why can’t they scrutinize or discern fakeness to protect themselves?

Or are the people also fake? Are they self interested? What’s the real problem and how the people be equipped to make informed and most prudent decisions?

Food for thought. Feel free to share your thoughts. No insults or personal attacks please!

Akosua G
Ontario Canada
August 12, 2019.