1. Find as much information about whatever it is that you need to make a decision about.

2. Consult as many and diverse trusting individuals and sources as available to you (trusting family, relevant professionals, experts, government/public sites, documents, etc)

3. Identify the pros and cons of deciding or not deciding. Would the benefit of making that specific decision outweighs the risks or disadvantages of not making that decision?

4. Are there alternative options to the decisions you want to make? Is your choice of a decision the best option amongst all available options?

5. How do you feel about the decision you want to make? Are you confident? Does it feel right or good?

6. Are you making that decision independently or there is an external pressure or undue influence? Was the decision initiated by you or someone else? If by someone else or others, are they pressuring you?

7. Who stands to gain or lose the most? Who bears the biggest responsibility for any fallout? Who would be the most accountable about the outcome?

8. It is in your best interest? If making a decision on behalf of someone else, is it in the third person’s (most affected) best interest?

In sum, we should develop better tools for making informed decisions, particularly, major ones that could make or break us. Decisions that may change or affect our lives forever:marriage, jobs, career, education, business, having kids, major investments, buying a house etc.

Most regular adults have the capacity to make good decisions but people need good tools for doing so independently. You can make good decisions when you well informed about the risks and benefits of decisions you make.

Take your time and consult the right people and sources. You do not necessarily need someone to decide for you. Equip yourself with the right tools and skills set. Train yourself and ask the right questions from the right people who know more about specific decisions you wish to make.

Don’t rush and be pressured. Remember, you may be the biggest loser if things go wrong. Learn from people that know. We have the capacity to be better and best.

Best wishes,
Akosua G
Ontario, Canada
January 18, 2020