I’m content, I feel content and I live contently. What does that mean? What do I mean? I like myself, happy with my life and my accomplishments. Not because I have millions but I am at peace, I’m satisfied with what I have and who I am. I do not want to be someone else. I just want to be me.

I count myself lucky because I am surrounded by beautiful people, especially my family and close friends. My loved ones support me in all I do. They sacrifice for me and I love and appreciate each person in my life.

I live a simple life on my own terms. I follow rules and stand my ground. I speak my mind but honest and respectful. I am fearless and cannot be pushed over by anyone. I stand for justice and fairness. I stand for what I think is the truth yet respect the ways of others as long as they don’t shove their beliefs or ways down my throat or cause harm to others.

I try to do my best for my loved ones and people in need who I think I can help. I am kind yet don’t like to be walked over or be taken for granted. I am selfless but like to care for myself too.

I like my body and my whole person. I am confident yet humble. I share what I know and learn from others each day. I like to teach and learn.

I work very hard but I take life easy. I live a fairly comfortable life but don’t count too much on material things. I don’t value superficial things that much.

I love life yet realistic about the uncertainties of life. I am a pragmatist and a realist. I understand the impermanence of everything in life. No guarantees in anything.

I don’t live by anyone’s standard. I do not depend on one form of knowledge. I am open to all forms of knowledge and and way all options to choose what is best for me and my family.

I am independent and a team player too. I love people, hate no one but quite selective and skeptical of most people. I am sociable but very content on my own.

I am self directed and feel confident about my decisions independent of what others may be doing.

I am tolerant to differences yet a no nonsense person to abusive individuals. Forceful yet gentle. Strong yet soft at heart.

Being content is liberating, peaceful and satisfying. I am happy with who I am. I love those who love me but very ok with those who do not like, love or care about me as long as they do not impose or interfere with my ways.

On this special day, the kindest and inspirational messages, love, care and all the treats I have and continue to receive are a testament to how fulfilling my life has been.

Can you say the same about yourself?
Who are you? What are your values? Do you live by the standards of others? Are you trying to be someone else? Are you living as if in competition with others? Are you trying to outpace others or going at your own pace? Do you have goals in life? Do you take steps to achieve your goals? Have you identified your strength or qualities? Do you know your weaknesses? Where do you want to be in six months, a year, five years, 10 years and on? How can you get there? On you on the right path?

Don’t live a stressful life. There are already so many stressors in life; don’t create more for yourself. Be easy on yourself. Do something for yourself. Be smart and diligent. Live a responsible and productive. Remember, we create our own footprints. Create a good one!

I feel pretty good about my life and very happy to have a supportive family and friends. Thank you all for contributing to my life. I cherish everyone. I am grateful to all.

Love yourself, your family and all those who love and care for you.

My best wishes,
Akosua G
Ontario, Canada

January 17, 2020