Yes! Experience teaches us, what happens to others or ourselves should be teaching moments. Lessons to be learned always.

Is it better to engage in a relationship with someone of your calibre or one can get into a relationship with anyone regardless of socioeconomic background? Do we choose similar benefits from lovers who belong to different social class or better with someone from our own social class?

Should we consider social economic attributes of someone we date or marry? Often times people say love does not depend on someone’s social economic, ethnic, cultural or other backgrounds. That you go where your love is?

I am afraid I disagree in some circumstances.

1. I do think that dating someone from different economies backgrounds or social classes can lead to a variety of problems.

2.I also do not think people should date their subordinates.

3. I do not think it’s advisable to date someone with less achievements and accomplishments

4. Powerful individuals should not date people of lower class or low achievers

5. Wealthier and high standing political people shouldn’t date individuals not of the same level or calibre. Or unemployed or poorer individuals.


1. High achievers tend to be sabotaged or blackmailed by the low achievers they date not vice versa

2. People in the same social or socioeconomic class tend to think and behave alike.

3. It’s unlikely for someone in similar calibre or socioeconomic standing to sabotage or blackmail one another because both would have so much to lose. Their reputation, social standing etc to protect.

4. Low achievers tend to be opportunistic and and likely to take advantage of powerful individuals they date.

5. Low achievers are easier to be manipulated into sabotaging the powerful date for fame, political, financial and other personal gains.

6. In the case of a scandal, the most powerful has more to lose and the person in low standing will have nothing to lose.

In the nutshell, all I am saying is that we must be diligent who we strip or sleep with. Having observed many scandals in sexual relationships, and who become the biggest losers I think people in higher social, economic or political standing ought to be care who they date or strip with. If you are wealthier, high power politicians, highly educated or in high social standing choose within your class. Balance of power matters! The probability of sabotage and blackmail is higher if you choose cheaper or lower.

Think about Mr Clinton, the current Ghanaian Minister of State and so many powerful people who have fallen from grace to grass NOT by their own spouses or people of similar standing but their subbordinates or other people of lower standing they went out with. Guard yourself, your reputation and wealth. Choose wisely and carefully.

Beware of opportunists, predators who pretend to love you for your money, wealth and class.

Akosua G
Ontario, Canada
January 14, 2020