Do you agree? I think it is because I do not think there is a formula or an exact manual for each and everyone to follow. We create our own life paths. We may pick something here and there but we all have unique yet overplaying experiences.

Life teaches! Life is a journey. It can be wonderful and bitter at the same time. It can be rich, rewarding, fun and pleasant and it can be ugly. Life lifts and knocks down at the same time. Each human being may face happy moments and sad or difficult moments also.

Some aspects of life can be predicted, but others things are mysterious and unexplainable. Some experience more happy times and vice versa. Why is that? And can we explain that? Scientist and religious people try to do so. But is that humans’ duty to explain or rationalize life events? Or we should just experience life and go with the flow? Why do people think they have a duty to explain life events? Is that necessary? Does that serve a purpose? Are they playing God or nature? Who gave humans that job? Do we do that to control our environment and factors that influence our existence?

I think life is complex and things are “grey” not “black and white” as some people make it seem. I also think no two individuals’ experiences are the same. There are some that are extremely privileged and there are others who are extremely disadvantaged, disenfranchised, marginalized and deprived of nearly everything including the the most basic needs.There are very kind, caring and loving individuals and there are very cruel, diabolical and very bad people.

I think our experiences good or bad, negative or positive, happiness or suffering make us who we are. Every experience teaches us something. Negative experiences teach us about our human vulnerabilities, coping strategies, resilience and empathy. Positive experiences teach us about our strengths, capabilities, accomplishment, privileges, gratitude and our sense of being. Our mistakes makes us feel human, reveal our weaknesses, forces us to be introspective and humble. Going through suffering shows the hidden strength in us.

We learn more as we experience life. We understand the world better as we learn more and grow. We understand each other better when we have faced similar experiences or problems others face. No one has it all good throughout. No one owns happiness, suffering or misfortunes; everyone has his/her turn.

Embrace whatever comes your way, learn from it and keep going. Deal with what you can control and leave what is beyond you to forces or nature or humankind.

Enjoy your good and fortunes. Rely on family and other natural supports (family, friends, faith, etc) when hit by the forces or nature. Life can be beautiful and be nasty. Be empathetic with those who are suffering. Help others when you can but never add to their troubles.

Take care of yourself and those you love always. Be useful to your family, community and society. Know what you can control and what you cannot.

Life is precious and very time limited. Let your life be worthwhile.

Take good care.

Akosua G
Ontario, Canada
January 15, 2020